Masters Project - Webcam in the Music Classroom



For most music educators I suggest use whatever microphone to which you have access. This may not always be a good solution. When I started out, I had the microphone from SmartMusic that I used with decent results. Later I purchased a condenser microphone with much better results. I am not a microphone expert. I will give a few easy options here, but the best option would be to consult with a professional such as those at For best results and an easy solution, I would recommend using a condenser mic that is battery powered and has a 1/8" plug. This will allow easy input into your computer. This setup may require a USB adaptor for Mac computers.

MXL V63MBP Desktop Recording Kit


This setup would be a simple solution giving you high-quality and easy setup. This condenser microphone is battery powered and comes with a 1/8" plug. It even comes with the battery! The price for this microphone is $99, it is available at Musician's Friend.


Digital Reference DR-GX1

Digital Reference DR-GX1

This dynamic microphone is less expensive and should provide decent results. This would be a better option for a single player. The cost is $39, it is available at Musician's Friend.

SmartMusic Instrument Mic

SmartMusic Mic

This was the first mic I used when using a webcam. I mainly used it because I had it lying around from using SmartMusic in my classroom. It worked well and was inexpensive. The clip allowed me to place it virtually anywhere without needing a mic stand (I actually clipped it to a music stand). The SmartMusic Instrument Mic is available at for $20. This website also sells adaptors to be able to plug in a 1/8" mic into a Mac.