Masters Project - Webcam in the Music Classroom




Info on iChat

AIM (includes download)

iChat is the instant messenger program produced by Apple. I am not as familiar with this program because, as I do have a Mac that my school gave me, I have installed Windows on it. iChat has many fun features. One feature that is actually useful is a person can video conference with 3 other people simultaneously. All four video (including a local preview) can be seen at one time in a nice display. A person can also show PowerPoint or videos, giving a remote presentation. This would be useful for having a guest speaker in a classroom.

iChat comes with Mac OS, therefore no download is necessary, and system requirements need not be bothered with. Mac does make it nice and easy. iChat, however, does not work with PC's natively. In order to use iChat with a Windows user, they will need to be using AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).

AOL Instant Messenger is another program that works for video conferencing. This program allows Windows users to video conference with Mac users using iChat. The video in this situation is not as good as using Skype.